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'I tend to be most interested in the kinds of people who do not sweeten or dilute themselves for the sake of people's tastes. Who never soften the blow of who they really are. Like my coffee, I prefer the people I connect with to be full-strength and searing hot.'

espresso by beau taplin





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Hello & Welcome

Thanks for finding your way here. I'm Elaine, a writer and editor, currently based in Hobart, Tasmania.


After floating around the internet for a while, I decided to create this somewhat eclectic portfolio and indulgent home for my words and an ode to the substance that fuels me. I have a natural attraction for amplifying nuance, so consider me a mixologist of various cultural influences infused with my unique self. 


My extended interests are in emotional intelligence, positive psychology, pursuing a creative life, modern culture, the arts, literature, and the ways we learn from our experiences to become more authentic versions of ourselves.


Serendipity led me down the path of freelance writing, and the rest, as they say, is history (or at the least, digitally documented on these pages).

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