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The Sweetest Little Song,

Leonard Cohen


I currently work with clients on a few different writing challenges, including:


content & blog writingediting & proofreading | educational resource creation | press releases | newsletters | corporate & business writing | ghostwriting | eBook development & writing | content strategy & SEO support


The overwhelming feedback I get from those I write for and with is the strength of my 'voice' and ability to communicate an idea with the right mix of personality and professionalism.

I predominantly work with professionals and organisations within psychological and educational services, health, lifestyle and wellbeing. Some of my core clients are thought leaders in their respective fields, and I specialise in developing close, collaborative relationships to help curate a unique content package for them so they can focus on what they do best (being the brains of their respective businesses!).

As well as working with clients one-to-one, I write copy for significant global brands, helping them connect with their signature audiences via leading media platforms. My copy has been published with Elle Magazine, Marie Claire Australia, Psychology Today, Business News Australia, Smart Company and more.


I'm inherently passionate about connecting with others and sharing different perspectives in positive, creative, and curiosity-driven ways. Anne Lamott is quoted as saying, "writing is about telling the truth", and I believe that all writing should speak to a truth, in one way or another.


Think we could be a good match to work together?

I'd love to help you find the right mix of words, but I do have a large, existing client list. If the box below says 'available', then click away, my friend, and get in touch.









a word or two from my clients:

"Elaine has contributed top content to our platform,, on subjects such as strengths, emotional intelligence, and positive psychology coaching. She was a pleasure to work with, dependable, and knowledgeable. Her work continues to inspire thousands of practitioners around the world."

Lucinda Allen | CEO,

As a writer for, Elaine's work was excellent. Not only a talented writer, but her research was also comprehensive, providing insight to the reader no matter the topic. Elaine was lovely to work with and made my life as an editor much easier, as her work was always exemplary. She is an exceptional lady with exceptional talent."

Annelé Venter | Managing Editor,

"Elaine is a versatile writer who can cover a wide gamut of topics covering career advice and mental health. Her writing is insightful and savvy. Every time I read a story draft from Elaine, it is evident that she has put time and intention into crafting her words. She is prompt on edits and always able to turn around stories on or before a deadline. Working with Elaine is truly a gift!"

Stephanie Taylor | Darling Magazine

"Elaine's content is so great. She really has a great tone of voice and raised every point needed to evoke trust in the reader around our brand. She delivered one of the best pieces of content we've received from a first-time freelancer we've worked with, and we can't wait to work with her more."

Destiny F. | Private Content Writing Client, Marketing & PR Services

"For the past year, Elaine has been writing the newsletter and blog articles for my company.  In that time, I have seen a huge increase in email open rates and engagement.  Her blog articles and always carefully crafted, insightful, and engaging. I appreciate how easy it is to work together - she took the time to learn about my courses and my clients and intended audience, as well as my voice.  Everything she writes is very authentic and sincere.  In addition, she is very creative and will often come up with a great topic for a blog article that is very relevant to what my audience is craving."

Cecilia R. | Private Content Writing Client, Psychological Services

"Elaine’s writing is fantastic! She’s a talented wordsmith who has the power to craft an informative and compelling story, communicating complex health and wellbeing issues in a way that’s not only easy to understand but also creates an engaging and motivating experience for the reader.

Elaine contributes content for our learning modules, programs and blog, and we’re absolutely thrilled to share her voice with our community. We couldn’t recommend her more highly."

Jody Warren | Balance2Life, Psychological Services


"It was wonderful working with Elaine! High-quality, exceptionally polished work, that was very compelling and heartfelt. As well as demonstrating great communication and timeliness, Elaine also wrote exactly what I needed in fewer words than initially quoted, without leaving out any key messaging, and the content still delivered an engaging, values-driven reading experience. This is not easy to do, and I really appreciated the expertise and customer service provided."

Tony B | Private Content Writing Client, Psychological Services


"Elaine is a truly amazing writer. She can work on specific briefs, incorporating SEO and a tailored style of writing. She was curious to discover my voice and write on my behalf for my target audience. The quality and research she puts into each article are outstanding. Highly recommended."

Catherine T. | Private Content Writing Client, Positive Parenting Services

'Elaine puts so much care, attention, and creativity into every article she writes. Her enthusiasm to pitch new ideas continuously leaves me inspired and keeps our content fresh and relevant. She has single-handedly revamped the freelance writing tips section on our website with her realistic and inventive strategies that are practical and so helpful to our community.  Her writing style is articulate, empowering, and always of the highest quality. She is a joy to work with! '

Kailey Brennan | Write or Die Tribe

"Elaine uses her deep industry knowledge of HR and employee well-being to create superb, specialist content in the recruitment area. Her work is always well-researched, linked to high authority sources, and beautifully styled to suit our B2B audience. She delivers impeccable articles every time, building on the briefs provided to provide deeper insights and supporting guidance that offers great value."

Drew D. | Private Content Writing Client, HR & Employee Services

"I never give rave reviews, but I love your work, Elaine! The fact that you added in relevant research, connected everything with existing content on the site and included a proactive CTA - just awesome. You've really done this topic justice, and I can't wait for you to write more for my brand in the future."

Kelly W. | Private Content Writing Client, Health & Wellness Services

"We have been working with Elaine to develop engaging, fun, and informative content for our blog for a few months now. In short, she's a bit of a superstar! She is a dream to work with, needing only an initial conversation to understand our audience, goals, and conversational tone before taking the reigns with confidence and skill. She obviously loves what she does and takes her work seriously. I'd recommend her to anyone so long as she doesn't become too busy and we can't continue to access her fresh and fun word skills!"

Andrew S. | Private Content Writing Client, Food & Beverage Industry

'It was a pleasure working with Elaine. I hired her to help with proofreading and editing a new product I'm launching, and her input really helped to elevate the piece. She did such a great job - highly recommended!'

Laurentiu T. | Private Editing Client, Psychological Services

"Working with Elaine has been a breath of fresh air for our blog content. Elaine has executed the brief we have given her perfectly, and the quality of her work exceeds all expectations."

Conor Cotton | Not Going to Uni, Education Services

'Great writer! Elaine was quick, gave great insightful tips, and demonstrated top-notch communication! She is a dream to work with, and we would definitely hire her again in the future when the need arises.'

Kim Childs | LIKE WHERE City Guides

'We reached out to Elaine for some help with content for our blog. She is great to work with, a great communicator, and delivered a fantastic product that exceeded expectations. Highly recommended.'

Richard M. | Private Content Writing Client, Business Leadership

"Elaine's commitment to delivering outstanding, high-quality content is one of the core reasons we've continued to work with her over the past four years. A powerhouse of knowledge with incredible experience to boot, Elaine is reliable and understands the pulse of the topic she's writing on. She's also a thorough professional who often goes the extra mile to turn around tight deadlines without compromising on quality. It's my pleasure to recommend her."

Sid Balachandran | Springpod STEM Careers, Education Services


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